Meet Allan and Gena

Meet Allan and Gena

We are spiritual teachers and emotionally-attuned coaches who are passionate about our mission to assist in your awakening, integration, and transformation. Our aim is to aid you in reconfiguring and restoring whatever may be preventing you from living a life of embodied freedom, intimacy, and aliveness.

As part of our support, we can help you bring compassionate awareness to your conditioning, strategies and patterns and develop a felt sense of your essence and deepest Self. Exploring bodily sensations and energy is key in our work as we guide you to harmonize your mind, body, and emotions in presence. Living from the the present rather than past enables you to surrender to the unknown and emergent, which takes you into greater engagement, creativity, and wholeness..

As life partners, we are deeply immersed in the practice of the embodiment principles we teach and live in daily surrender, which starts from a ground of accepting and trusting what is and then proceeds with heartfelt response to it. Every fiber of our being is committed to supporting the evolution of consciousness and the transformation of the world.

We are both certified teachers of Trillium Awakening, an embodied awakening path which considers mutuality and relatedness as part of the individual awakening process.

Meet Allan

Allan Morelock

Allan Morelock is the author of Nothing Other and Raindrops Falling on the Ocean is a modern day mystic who has been a spiritual teacher for more than thirty years and has been a Trillium Awakening teacher since 2010. His presence, wisdom, compassion, and expression leave people feeling nourished on many levels. He’s been described as a “mountain stream where you can find deep nourishment for your soul”. You can learn more about Allan at He has been featured on Buddha at the Gas Pump and has several interviews on Souljourns which you can find here:

Meet Gena

Gena Netten

Gena Netten is a spiritual teacher, healer, and coach, whose awakening started at age 15 when she had a mystical experience that took her directly into the Heart of “God”. A Trillium Awakening teacher since 2013, Gena is naturally a visionary, always seeing what is possible, which allows her to hold an evolutionary, healing and transformational space for students, for the collective, and all of existence. Gena’s work is influenced by Somatic Experiencing – a natural approach to using embodied awareness to heal the effects of difficult and traumatic events. Working with people to feel deeply their sensations and emotions, she helps people reunite with all parts of themselves, including wounded parts as well as golden shadow. Her work is also influenced by these systems: Focusing, Human Design, the Enneagram, and Integral Theory.

Our Uniqueness


Some people might be puzzled when they first meet us because we are very different in many ways, and wonder how we “work” as a couple.

When we first met we thought so, too. But early on in our relationship, Life revealed our destiny to come together as a couple with a common mission to serve the awakening and transformation of the planet.

This destiny was foretold when we found these two shells in the driveway. We’ve disagreed about which shell represents whom, but in reality both of them represent aspects each of us.

Allan has a heartful kindness and serene presence that comforts you, and a unique wisdom that inspires you -- so he might be considered to be more transcendent. Gena, on the other hand, has a loving, passionate radiance and a grounded, compassionate clarity, and might be experienced as more embodied and relational.

Together we support the evolution of consciousness in every way we can. Our strengths and gifts complement each other, and we challenge each other to reach further inside to develop our fullest potential.

Working with Us

You can work with us by attending one of our events, or by doing private sessions by phone, Skype, or in person. We think you’ll find that working with us individually will catalyze your process and complement the work you do in our events.

Allan and Gena at beach
Allan and Gena at beach
Allan and Gena at beach

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